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Bright Alpine Climbers have completed Mt Buffalo

Day 1 Mt Buffalo is done! We'll done everyone!! Results are up on

First place in the men's was very hotly contested, with Aston Key at 1 hour 5 mins 20sec coming through first place with Brodie Nankervis and Ewan Shingler in second and third with times of 1 hour 7 mins 15 sec and 1 hour 7mins and 12 seconds respectively.

First place in the women's is Jess Short at 1 hour 21 and 42 seconds. Second and third were Alice Arch and Emily Cust coming through close with 1 hour 23mins and 43secs and 1hour 23mins 55secs. I bet those last few stairs hurt!

We think the top three in all categories are going to duke it out for the rest of the 3 days seeing how close these winners are, we may see some changes in placing tomorrow at Mt Feathertop. Photos courtesy of one of the walkers. Our professional photographers The Eventurers were on course and we will post up photo album links from Geosnapshot when they are ready!

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