2022 Competitor information

General information - scroll down for Mountain Specific Information, Mandatory Gear


Participants can register at the Alpine Fitness Centre from 6-7pm on Friday 28th October, 2022. It would be appreciated if you could register early to reduce workload on the morning of Day 1.

20 Hawthorn Ln, Bright VIC 3741


We have electronic timing for this event. This system is also used for safety- so we know you're on the race course- and we ask you wear your bib on the front of your person with no straps across it, and be easily readable and not covered up.

Course marking All 4 days will be marked with signs, and streamers. Please take care to look for markers when you reach an intersection. Most of the courses are on established walking trails and when there is not intersection there will be markers approx every 500m. 

Day 1 Mt Buffalo and Day 3 Mt Hotham are both road accessible to the top so there will be shuttle buses rolling back to the start.

These buses will depart when they are full and return until all competitors are off the mountain. Some runners and walkers arrange their own car shuttles the evenings beforehand.

Tickets for the shuttle bus can be purchased here and is needed so we can calculate the number of seats required. 
Please follow COVID Safe protocols and wear the provided face mask at all times when using the shuttle bus service. 

Day 2 Mt Feathertop finishes at the top, and runners and walkers then backtrack down the way they came along Bungalow Spur to Harrietville.

Day 4 Mystic Hill finishes back where it starts- you run back to your car.


Emergency Number
Please put this phone number in your phone prior to the event 0408813421.


Results will be listed every day on the 4 Peaks website.


We are doing event photographs this year, courtesy of The Eventurers. A link will be posted on the event facebook and website when photos are available.


Pre-ordered shirts can be picked up at registration. A limited number of shirts will be available for purchase at the event.

On the day entries

If you haven’t entered yet, or have curious friends, entries can still be taken on the day. Please turn up at least half an hour before the start of your event. You will still be asked to enter using your phone or computer and use credit card to pay. Cash and paper will only be used as a last resort.

On the day entry fees

Adult (18yrs+) $60 per person per event
Youth (13 – 17yrs) $20 per person per event

Competitor Safety

  • Each runner is responsible for their own wellbeing and basic first aid and should carry their own blisterpads/band-aids, body lubricant, sunscreen, and strapping tape.

  • Please be aware of the effects of dehydration, hypothermia, and fatigue.

  • If you pass an injured runner, please stop to assist them. Record how long you stopped to assist and notify the Race Director at the finish line and they will organise to adjust your time accordingly.

  • Participants are responsible for any costs incurred as a result of a medical incident.  The Ambulance service is not a free service in Victoria. It's your responsibility to check your health cover and ensure you are covered for ambulance cover in the case of an emergency. To arrange cover with Ambulance Victoria, visit http://www.ambulance.vic.gov.au/

  • Sweepers will be deployed onto the course with the aim of ensuring there's no one left on the course unaccounted for. If you leave the trail at any time, please leave your pack in the middle of the trail so the sweeper doesn't go past you.


Bag drop

Transport of bags to the finish of Day 1 and 3 is available for participants who are utilising the shuttle bus service.
Look for the drop off location and leave your bag prior to starting. Please keep bag to change of clothes, food, shoes and leave the kitchen sink at home.


Event Locations
Mandatory Gear

This gear is mandatory on Day 1,2,3. YES! And mandatory means mandatory.

  • Waterproof Jacket with hood

  • Water - 1L minimum (at least 2L recommended)

  • Phone

  • Whistle

  • Space blanket/bag/bivvy bag (bag preferred)

  • Snakebite bandage

  • Personal Medications (eg: Epipen and Asthma)

  • Race bib (with any medical conditions written to back of bib)

  • Facemask

If we have BAD weather - you will need to add a thermal top to that list. Please bring to event. 

Day 4 - Mystic Hill Water, Phone, Whistle, Snakebite bandage, Personal Medications, Race bib, Facemask.

In previous years, a few runners have turned up and insisted that we were being unreasonable with these gear requirements because they had run the route before and needed no gear. We sincerely hope you do not need the gear however we also have enough experience to know that if you do - it may save your life.

We ask you to respect the rules of this event and come prepared. Having this gear is mandatory for us to be given permission to operate the event.

COVID-Safe Plan

We would like to keep all participants and volunteers safe from COVID-19. Currently the virus is very prevalent in the community so we ask everyone to be vigilant with not attending the event if you have any symptoms, or are a close contact to a know COVID positive person. 

All attendees must be fully vaccinated and be willing to show event staff your COVID-19 vaccination certificate. 

View our full COVID-safe plan here