Mt Hotham


Date: Day 3 – 1st November 2021
Distance: 15km
Elevation Gain: 1867m
Where to start: At Tabare Park, Harrietville. This is the same start as the Feathertop – Day 2 event.


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Start Time: The Bright Alpine Climb is a staggered start. This is due to both the nature of the trails being run and also the diversity of speed that participants travel.

Start Period 1: 7am – Walkers
Start Period 2: 8am – Runners

Participants are required to check in at the start line and will have their number recorded as they start.

The Course: Starting in Harrietville, participants leave the Tabare Park cross the Ovens River and proceed up Bon Accord Track, this trail follows the river for approx 6km and then leaves the river and climbs steeply up Bon Accord Spur to the Bon Accord Hut Ruins and then participants climb steeply to meet The Razorback and then a further undulating kilometre to the finish at Diamantina Hut. Times will be taken here and participants who arrive prior to 11am can choose to descend the way they came. A bus will do shuttle runs to and from Harrietville. The last shuttle will go through to Bright. please organise your own pick up on Mt Hotham where ever possible. The bus seating is limited.

Expected Performance for Walkers: Walkers need to aim to summit by Midday. This gives slow walkers 6 hours. A minimum pace of approx 25 – 30 minutes per kilometre.

Aid along the way: There is NO AID on the course for the Mt Hotham event. There will be full aid at Dimattina Hut including tea and coffee if the weather is cold.
You need to set out with the intention of being self sufficient for the duration of time you will be out on the course. For slow walkers this could be in excess of 7-8 hours.

Mandatory Gear: Conditions in Alpine Country can change quickly. The weather at the bottom of the mountain may also be different than at the top. In light of this – the following gear MUST be carried. Jacket – it must be waterproof! Beanie or Buff, Gloves, Space Blanket, Whistle and 2L of fluid and a snack or energy food. We also would like you to have a phone with you at all times and ensure it is charged and has credit. These things will be checked before you reach the high ground, if you are not carrying these items you will be asked to go stop ascending and descend to the start/finish.

FINISH The finish time is taken at Dimattina Hut. However you then need to return to Harrietville to have your name checked off at the park (for safety reasons).
At the Finish: At Harrietville there will be Fruit, Water and Electrolyte provided free of charge. A BBQ lunch will be for sale. At Diamantina Hut there will be some aid to sustain you for a return trip or to keep you warm. There will be water provided available at Diamantina Hut as well.

We provide a FREE shuttle bus from the finish line at Diamantina Hut back to the starting line at Harrietville. Please note, this is a 90 minute round trip minimum. Where possible, please car pool and offer rides back down to anybody in need to ensure everybody gets home as promptly and safely as possible.

Volunteers needed for the following jobs on Mt Hotham Day.

** Timing – we are looking for a timing and timing crew of 3 people to drive to Hotham and stay in Dimattina Hut the night before the event. This crew will take all times as participants arrive.
** Sweeping: There are two jobs available for fit people who would like to be the Sweepers. It is preferred the sweepers have first aid experience and can keep up with the back of packers. Descend and sweep the course at around midday.
** De-Marking: There are two jobs available for fit people who would like to accompany the sweepers and de-mark the course. Midday til around 3pm.
** General Marshalls: We need 4 general helpers to lend a hand on the day with various duties. 6am – 9am and / or 11am – 2pm.
** Registration/Check in – 2 people are needed to help handle registrations on the day 6am – 9am

To register your interest in volunteering for the Mt Hotham day – please contact us on 0415 308 977. SMS or Call or email

MAP of Hotham – click for larger version

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