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Year Male Winner Time Female Winner Time
1979 Bruce Inglis Cheryl Moffat
1980 Danny Flynn Elaine Splatt
1981 Danny Flynn 4h51m52s Cheryl Moffat 6h54m23s
1982 Neil Hooper 4h22m03s Tricia Pelly 7h52m35s
1983 Neil Hooper 4h23m57s Cathy Edmonds 6h28m18s
1984 Robin Rishworth 4h43m18s Tricia Pelly 8h44m48s
1985 Neil Hooper 4h22m26s Cheryl Moffat 6h11m34s
1986 Robin Rishworth Cathy Edmonds
1987 Robin Rishworth 4h19m22s Sue Dreverman 5h49m47s
1988 Robin Rishworth 4h15m22s Lavinia Petrie 5h35m42s
1989 Robin Rishworth Nicki Taws
1990 Peter Dymoke Nicki Taws
1991 Neil Hooper 4h29m15s Nicki Taws 5h25m59s
1992 Robbie Bell 4h35m04s Lavinia Petrie 5h55m38s
1993 Greg Mandile 4h34m35s Janine Donaldson 5h37m40s
1994 Robin Rishworth 4h14m09s Janine Donaldson 5h47m08s
1995 Greg Mandile Sandra Timmer-Arends
1996 Tito Sgariglia 4h32m16s Sandra Timmer-Arends 5h25m43s
1997 Ben Derrick 4h34m29s Sandra Timmer-Arends 5h50m58s
1998 Paul Crake 4h07m33s Nicki Taws 5h26m06s
1999 Paul Crake 4h12m18s Nicki Taws 5h32m46s
2000 Paul Crake 3h56m44s June Petrie 5h49m12s
2001 Paul Crake 3h59m54s Nicki Taws 5h52m33s
2002 David Osmond 4h20m16s Sue Clark 5h54m12s
2003 Steven Page June Petrie
2004 David Osmond 4h44m01s Vanessa Haverd 5h55m15s
2005 John Winsbury 4h41m25s Jenny Henville 6h27m02s
2006 Jarad Kohlar 4h55m35s Hanny Allston 5h47m00s
2007 David Osmond Kathryn Ewels
2008 David Osmond 4h47m46s Vanessa Haverd 5h28m37s
2009 David Osmond 4h56m17s Hanny Allston 5h02m36s
2010 Unknown Unknown
2011 Stuart Doyle 4h54m28s Vanessa Haverd 6h13m17s
2012 Robin Rishworth 5h15m39s Hanny Allston 5h39m19s
2013 Matt Crane Hanny Allston
2014 Matt Crane Hanny Allston
2015 Ralph Street Meg Reeves
2016 Marty Keyes 5h14m01s Meg Reeves 6h22m16s
2017 Peter Hodkinson 4h53m46s Elizabeth Humphries 5h50m37s
2018 Nathan Lawson 4h52m12s Chantal Minchin 6h14m57s
Peak Records
Mountain Male Record Year Time Female Record Year Time
Mystic Hill Matt Murphy 2017 52m23s Hanny Allston 2009 54m26s
More Peak records to come!! Race Directors
Reg Splatt
31 years!
An amazing RD who put together and manned an amazing team of helpers to start and head this event for over 30 years. Thank you REG and everyone who helped him out! It is visionaries like Reg that allow us all to enjoy this event today!
Bruce Salisbury
4 years
Thank you to Bruce Salisbury and his amazing team for taking the mantle and organising the Bright Alpine Run – 4 Peaks. Bruce looked after the event for 4 years and ensured it continued. Thank you, Bruce!
Sean Greenhill
5 years
Charged with bringing the event into the current climate of monotonous paperwork and risk management plans and assessments, Sean took over in 2015 and worked hard to maintain a balance between satisfying new regulations and maintaining the essence of what the 4 peaks is all about- a pure mountain experience.
Rob Preston
A previous competitor and fan of the event who loves coming to Bright every November. I look forward to keeping the tradition of the event alive.

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