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Looking to improve your performance? Look for Skratch Labs

The 4 Peaks are proudly supported by Skratch Labs- one of the world's leading sports nutrition companies focusing on endurance events.

Skratch Labs use real food, starting from scratch, to create sports nutrition that you actually want to eat & drink. Their products taste better and feel better – because they have no artificial sweeteners, isolates, colours or preservatives that might cause GI distress – to help you perform better! So you can get out there and bust your butt, not your gut.

Skratch Labs’s story is about two pros who spent years on the Pro Cycling Tour watching their teammates eat terribly and suffer through bad-tasting sports “nutrition” that ruined their stomachs. So they did something about it. Skratch Labs started as a “secret drink mix” of real sugar, salt, and fruit powder, mixed together in a paint bucket. They wanted to help pro cyclists feel better and ride faster, and they did. Nearly a decade later, their approach is the same: help athletes perform better by solving their nutrition problems, without causing new ones, using real food ingredients – everything is better when you start from scratch.

Need it ASAP? find Skratch Labs here


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