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Gill Fowler - Ultra-Running Weapon

Gill Fowler is a La Sportiva sponsored Ultra-Running Weapon. Her race cred can be seen here (link). If that hasn't convinced you, then take this solemn Probies word, we believe that Gill is a mountain running fiend who has run in some of the most prestigious races in the world.

Gill has an affinity for the outdoors and naturally transitioned from spending weekends climbing, canyoning, mountain biking and walking to Rogaining (the team sport of long-distance cross-country navigation) and into the more individual pursuit of trail running including ultras! Her strength is definitely endurance. At some point during her sporting career, Gill discovered the 4 Peaks Bright Alpine Climb and has been a regular entrant in recent times. I asked Gill what she likes about 4 Peaks and she said,

"I like it for the grassroots events, where you have a simple 4 days of racing. Each day you race in the morning and then have the rest of the day to catch up and socialise with others".

When asked which day of 4 Peaks is her favourite, Gill had a hard time choosing. It looks like a draw between Mt Feathertop and Mt Hotham, the most amazing parts being the "long sustained singletrack" to climb and "the benefit of going from the hot valley to the cold peak, above the tree line" is super rewarding. Gill also said, "The finish at Feathertop is the best especially if you have a fine day. By the time you finish at the top, you'll have all the people gathered around and cheering on others as they make it up, before they start their jog back down."

I asked Gill for some advice that she may have for those that are going to tackle the 4 Peaks straight off the couch and she said,

"This is a really good event to start from the couch, it is a shorter event where you can just tackle it like a day out bushwalking and challenge yourself to get to the top".

As a Probie I felt it was my duty to ask, do people really run the whole way up? Gill explained that "definitely not, runners will do a mix of running and power-walking up". Yes my people! Walking is a very real strategy!

For those budding 4 Peakers out there our La Sportiva athlete Gill Fowler has these powerful words for you "Pace yourself - it's a long way up". Walkers can self seed in an early start to allow them more time to summit, however those contenders wishing a chance for No.1 will go at the mass start time, later in the morning. Gill remembered that she would find herself with the last 5 or so at the rear of the mass start group and would get to enjoy overtaking those people in front who lost steam in the early sprint.

Are you starting from the couch or a budding runner? Time is running out to get your entry in- more details are here at

The Team at 4 Peaks Bright Alpine Climb and our sponsors La Sportiva thank you Gill for her words of encouragement and long standing support of the event.




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