Mandatory Gear

Conditions in Alpine Country can change quickly. The weather at the bottom of the mountain may also be different than at the top. In light of this – the following gear MUST be carried!

Buffalo, Feathertop & Hotham (days 1,2 and 3)
Mandatory Gear:
Jacket – it must be waterproof!
Must start race with 2L of fluid on person – and retain the ability to carry 2L of fluid while on course
You must have a phone with you at all times and ensure it is charged and has credit.
Space Bag (no blankets allowed)
Personal Medications (eg: Epipen and Asthma)
Snakebite bandage

Mystic Hill (day 4)
Mandatory Gear: Water, Phone, Personal Medications, Snakebite bandage.

Gear will be checked before the start of the race. Gear can also be checked on course or at Aid Stations. If you are not carrying these items you will be asked to go back, stop ascending and descend back to the start.

If there is BAD weather – you will need to add a thermal top to that list (note MUST be thermal, not compression).