Mt Feathertop


Date: Day 2 – 4th November 2018
Distance: 12km
Elevation Gain: 1652m
Where to start: At Tavare Park, Harrietville.

Start Time: The Bright Alpine Climb is a staggered start. This is due to both the nature of the trails being run and also the diversity of speed that participants travel.

Start Period 1: 7am – Walkers
Start Period 2: 8am – Runners

Participants are required to check in at the start line and will have their number recorded as they start. All walkers leave at 7am and all runners leave at 8am.

The Course:Starting at the Tavare Park in Harrietville – runners make their way up Bungalow Spur to The Summit of Mt Feathertop passing Federation Hut on the way.

Expected Performance for Walkers: Walkers need to aim to summit by Midday. This gives slow walkers 5 hours. A minimum pace of approx 25 – 30 minutes per kilometre.

Event safety services will be provided for the duration of the event until all participants reach the top of Mt Feathertop. Runners and Walkers descending from Mt Feathertop will be required to call normal emergency services to attend to them in the case of a fall or injury.

Aid along the way: There is Water or Food AID on the course for the Little Mt Feathertop event. You need to set out with the intention of being self sufficient for the duration of time you will be out on the course. For slow walkers this could be in excess of 7-8 hours.

Mandatory Gear: Conditions in Alpine Country can change quickly. The weather at the bottom of the mountain may also be different than at the top. In light of this – the following gear MUST be carried. Jacket – it must be waterproof! Beanie or Buff, Gloves, Space Blanket, Whistle and 2L of fluid and a snack or energy food. We also would like you to have a phone with you at all times and ensure it is charged and has credit. These things will be checked before you reach the high ground, if you are not carrying these items you will be asked to go back, stop ascending and descend to the start/finish.

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